Not Going To College

Class Of 2015.jpgI graduated high school on May 22,2015 near where I live. Around 10th grade I had to start thinking about if whether or not I wanted to go to college. At first I did think about going, but did not know what I would be going for in the first place. There is more work in college, tests you have to study hard for and it is very difficult to keep your grades up. I always struggled in school so at the beginning of 12th grade is when I decided to not go to college and the reason why I made that choice is because if I struggled in high school there was NO way in the world I would pass college as well as I did not want to make myself a fool or even look bad if I dropped out. My family always reminded me that I could never do college so I agreed with them and just went into the real world working. I worked at Petco first did not like it there so I quit, then after a while waiting I started at a Family Dollar Store working part time. I have been working there for a while now.

  Those of you are reading this and are still in school I am going to say that it is true, college might not be for you. A good Bible verse that might help you in your decision making is: Jerimiah 29:11 says ” For I know the plans for you, says the Lord, “They are plans to prosper you, not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”. Whenever God created you in His image before you were born He already had your life planned the question really is are you going to allow Him to guide you where He planned you to go or are you going to make your future about you?God knows what He is doing if we allow Him to take control over our futures. After high school I started working to find a job and eventually I found one. If you are going to college, always study hard and do your best. Just because you decide to not go to college does not mean your not good enough it just means that God has a different plan for your life in mind. God’s ways are always better than our owns even though we might think we know what we are doing.

  So I did not go to college because I already knew I would never make it, but a question that I get asked a lot is “Heather, if you did decide to go to college what would you go for”? My answer now would either be Photography because first I enjoy taking picture of different things that God created in His image. There are so many cool things to take a picture of and see how it turned out. If you are a photographer than you are able to make money by taking different people’s photos which I think is really neat.

Since I decided to not go to college it has helped me with money because I am able to save money up for something really big that I might want some day or in my future. I love saving because the more you save the easier it might be to earning yourself to something you actually want down the road which we will talk about later. Some kids now a days are saving their money for college because they want to make their dreams come true so college might have to be an option for them. The future is in your hands you decide what you want to do with it college or no college just remember you are a smart person and you know what is best for your life. Always chase after your goals and show people that if you put your mind to it your goals/dreams will come true in the end.

 I know that this is a short blog, but the questions that I am going to leave you with is: 1. “Did you go to college?” 2. “What did you go for”? 3. ” What encouragement do you have for those who might be deciding to go off to college”? 4.” What lesson did you learn from reading my blog”? Thank you for reading my blog today and hope to hear from you.


3 Swing Accidents

Seniro Photo.jpgWhen I came home to the United States we had a swing set that our parents built for my brother and I to play with. Growing up swinging has always been my passion. I would swing for hours until I had to either do something  or come in for the night. I would grab my music before I went outside sit on the swing and sing along with the music even though it was off key I did not care that is until I had three swing accidents in my life. Each accident was painful, but I still got back on the swing and kept on swinging. I would say I was dedicated to swinging which is another topic for another day. I would like to share with you those accident stories along with the lessons I learned. Since my recent accident I have not been on the swing since and I am not sure yet if I will be getting back on. I hope you enjoy reading all the stories about my swinging!

                         Accident #1

 I was still in school at the time not sure what grade I was in though, but anyways the first accident that I had with the swing set was on a Thursday night the weather was nice so I was swinging listening to my music then all the sudden I fell. I was able to get up so I went in for the night I was not in much pain so went to bed ignoring the fall. At school the next day before I went to chapel I had to turn in my paper so I went over and turned it in. I had to sign my name the teacher noticed that my finger was swollen whenever I started writing my name she asked what happened I told her so she wanted me to get ice on it right away so I did. I did tell my parents what happened after school and over night my finger got better. It healed with time as well as I did not have to go to the hospital.

                        Accident #2

With the second accident it was the summer of me going into 10th grade about to start a new school and I signed up to play soccer on the team. One Thursday night the weather was nice out so I decided to swing with my music as usual while dad was sitting on the back porch steps talking to someone on the phone not even 5 minutes later after he got off the phone my swing broke, but this time dad saw what happened so he ran over to see if I was alright. We looked at what happened then dad noticed I was holding my right hand so I showed him and there was a big bump on the top of my hand so he took me to the hospital to see if my hand was broken. After waiting in the waiting room I finally got through and done with my x-rays the doctor came in and said no bones broken all I had was a Hematoma which is popped blood vessel it would heal over time. The nurses wrapped my hand and sent me home. With time my hand got healed and that is it. 

                    Accident #3

You would think that after the last two swing accidents that I had I would have learned my lesson and just stay off the swing, but instead of staying off the swing I got right back on. I would say that this accident was a lot worse than the other two swing accidents.  After this swing accident happened I have not been on a swing ever since.

I remember this day so clearly because on February 24,2017 my family went to Rural King near where we lived to go shopping. At the other side of the store there were baby chicks and ducks for sale so I asked dad if I could get some baby chicks and he let me. When I brought the chicks home I noticed that one of my chicks were sick so I called my friend to see what I should do. On February 25, 2017 it was a gloomy day so after I checked on my chicks I went to my friend’s house to get some medicine for my chicks. I came home to give one of my chicks medicine and I had to do this every hour so while I waited I decided to go swing with my music. I was swinging and all of the sudden I fell.  I knew that I did not hit my head because I was thinking clearly to myself. I decided to get up to see if I could just walk it off because I did not want to go to the hospital. The moment I put weight on my left foot that is when I already knew that I dislocated my leg so I layed back down and called my parents. My father came out called for the ambulance. Finally we got to the hospital got the x- rays done then the doctor in the emergency room came in he told us that I dislocated my leg as well as broke it. I was shocked so I asked what he was going to do. The doctor had to put my leg back in place then I went to my room for the night. The doctor came in and he said I had to get surgery so the next morning I had my surgery it went well. I had 2 plates,2 rods, and 7 screws in my left leg. I was off work for 3 months. I am all better now, but it took time to heal.

With each accident I have learned something new. None of these accident were planned it happened by accident. Yes, I might have had to go to the hospital twice, but it taught me that healing does not happen over night it takes time as always some longer than others.  I also learned that pain is what makes you stronger. I would say that the third swing accident was a little worse than the other 2.  The last lesson that I learned with all of these accidents would be that we might want to be healed right away, but we need to make sure to remind ourselves that God is the TRUE doctor and He will heal us on His timing not on our timing. I was in a ton of pain, but I got better as time went on.  I believe we could all say for those of us who have had broken bones that the healing process is not easy and could keep us up all night long, but it does not last forever in our lives.

 I know that this blog was about me, but those of you who have had broken bones then you know how I was feeling. I would agree the only lesson you might learn on this one is to never break your bones, but I can not promise you that you will never break bones accidents just happen. All I can say is be careful with everything you do in life. The questions I am going to leave you with are: 1. ” If you have ever had a broken bone then do you know that healing process does not happen over night?” 2.  If you had broken bones what lesson did you learn from your accident(s).”?








Why Every School Should Have a Puppy Room

Many times school can get very frustrating and stressful for some students so a puppy room would be a safe place where students can go and relax if they are stressed out. Researchers have put students in a room with a dog to see what would happen and the results were found that students were happier and less stressful. There are already some Universities that have a puppy room or have a dog come in to visit because getting a chance to spend time with someone else’s dog can be relaxing and helpful while these students are away from home.  Students are allowed to take as long as they need to in the puppy room depending on their situation. The puppy rooms are supposed to always be a safe place where students can go and visit so they can relax.

Students who spend more time with a dog everyday are more like to have less stress, their depression lessened, and the doctors saw that both kids and adults had lower blood pressure. There are several things that dogs can teach students like responsibility, loyalty, how to keep a relationship last forever, and what hard work means because taking care of a dog is not an easy task. Students and the dogs can build a close relationship which might be able to help them in the future. Students are able to focus on having fun instead of focusing on their problems which can be helpful.

Sometimes students can get judged by other students which can lower their self-esteem so spending time with a dog can reassure the student that they will never be judged.  Dogs will always accept people for who they are. Whenever we want to talk or have a conversation sometimes we feel like the other person is either ignoring us or does not care about what we have to say because people are so focused on themselves so people who go to the puppy room can know that when they need to say something that is bothering them the dog is listening through the whole thing and never ignoring us. If the student needs to cry then the dog will be by there for comfort and knowing that they will never leave our side. Dogs might not be able to talk to us in person, but at least we can know that they are great listeners and we do not have to feel like we are getting judged. Dogs are there to love us for who we are not there to judge us everyday.

Whenever a disaster like a flood, tornado, or other bad situations happen sometimes trained therapy dogs come into a town so they help people deal with the mess or if they lost a loved one then the dog can be there for comfort.  The dog can help the people focus more on the positive things instead of the negative through the disaster that they just went through. There are some search dogs who come to the disaster site with their partner and both of them search for the people who are missing as best as they can.  Dogs can also help people clean up the mess and talk to others about how they are feeling after what has happened with them. Disasters happens all the time so dogs are always open to care about people which shows that dogs do care about the people who are suffering. In schools there might be a student who has a certain disability where they need to have a dog with them throughout the day so having a dog in a school would be a great help. Dogs have helped people of all ages depending on their disability. Dogs can make people’s days better when things are not going their way.

The reason why people would find this puppy room helpful  is because they will feel like they are accepted and they can focus on the positive side of life.  If the students are finished with their test or homework then with permission by an adult the students are allowed to go the room.  Students can build a relationship with the dogs and with other students as well.  Dogs can actually help students get their day through and if they need to just be alone with the dog that is fine, but there has to be an adult there in case there is an emergency or if the students needs an opinion on something. Students who have disabilities will find this very helpful in the end.

  There are some downsides to having a puppy room in a school because at the end of the day when everyone wants to go home no one will be able to take the dog out when it needs to as well as the dog needs dinner and no one would be able to give it to them.  Someone would have to make sure that the dog is all updated with their shots and vaccinations so they would have to take time off to take the dog to the vets.  Dogs never want to be left alone so someone would have to stay with the dog instead of going home.  Teachers might give the students a limited time just because they do not want their students to miss class or getting a bad grade because they spent most their time with the dogs. There are solutions to this situation, but someone needs to be committed to doing that job. People who are taking care of the dog they could choose different people to do each job.  The other solution that you could do is having someone take the dog with different people instead of leaving them at the school. These problems can be easily solved by having a great attitude and a willing heart if dogs are important to you.

            Every school should have a puppy room because it is a safe place where students can go if they need it in their life.  We all have our bad days and this room can help people get through days or even weeks. Dogs are lovable, good listeners when there is no one who understands what we are going through, but we can know that the dogs do care about the things that we say. Students will not feel judged when they come, but instead be accepted for who they are.  Depending on the situation that is going on in the student’s life the students are allowed to stay with the dog as long as they need to. Students get to decide if they want to go to the dog room or not.  There is a saying that a dog is a man’s best friend and that is completely true because dogs teach us life lessons and are always by our side when we need them.  It does not matter how many students are in the room the bigger the group the more fun that the students will have.
  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog. I would like to leave you with some questions that you will be able to answer and I will read it when I look at it. The questions are: “Do you agree or disagree that schools should have a puppy room? Why? or Why Not?

A Letter To My Birthmother

I was asked by someone “if you could write a letter to your birth mother what would you say”? I thought about it for a long time and even tried, but this time I thought I would like to share with you the letter I came up with. This is going to be a short blog this time. I hope you enjoy reading it please feel free to leave a comment after you are done.

                      A Letter For My Mom

 Dear Mother,
 There are no words for me to tell you how thankful I am for my adoption. You carried me for nine months and had to decide what you wanted for me. You knew in your heart that you could not take good care of me and wanted me to have a good life so you gave me up for adoption so I could have a bright future. If you are wondering if I am angry with you because of what you did I would say ” no instead I am thankful that you choose life for me and gave me a life and a future that you could have never provided for me”. I have people in my life now who love, care, and support me throughout life’s challenges. My adoption is very important to me because I got a second chance in life so thank you Mom for thinking about me before yourself.
  In conclusion I would like to let you know that God knew that this was going to happen before anyone else because He had a plan for my life from the very beginning. I would also like to tell you that I am doing well. I graduated high school and I am happy and healthy. I have a dog who loves me and keeps me busy. So, thank you Mom, I am adopted with a great family. You gave me everything I needed to live for Mom.
                                                             Thanks Mom,


           Two Kinds Of Adoption

This has been a topic that has been on my mind recently that I would like to share with all of you because I feel like we need to talk about it. The topic that I would like to mention is “adoption”. The reason why I would like to talk about this today is because I would like to share with all of you that I too was adopted which I will mention later on. Adoption is a good thing. What people do not understand that there are two kinds of adoption out there. I would agree adoption is not everyone’s calling, but it is a choice that people can make.

                               Spiritual Adoption    

Before I begin I would like to tell you that Spiritual Adoption is available to who all who will repent and obey God. A few Bible verses that relates to Spiritual Adoption would be: John 1:12 “But to all who believed in Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children Of God.” Another one would be Romans 8: 15-16 ” So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead you received God’s Spirit when He adopted you as His own children now we call Him Abba, Father. For His Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children”. Once we accept Him as our Lord and Savior that is when we are considered His sons and daughters. He never forces anyone to believe in Him it is a personal choice in everyone’s life. God wants His children to think and act as He does. After we get baptized and accept Him this represents an agreement between ourselves and God. We are committing our complete lives over to Him and we have to obey His commandments. He loves all His children and always does what is best for them. God wants you to become part of His family whenever you are ready He is waiting for you today to lay your entire life at His feet. He will take care of you. The choice is yours



Regular Family Adoption  

Before I tell you about myself I thought I would tell you the definition of adoption, when a child has legally become a part of a family other than their biological parents. Did you know that in 1851 Massachusetts was the first state that passed the adoption status. The option to adopt is a way for people who want to become a parent to share their time, love and home with someone whom other wise is alone and not able to be with their birth family for what ever the reason may be. There are lots of people who have been adopted for example Mark Shultz who is a Christian singer. He was only 2 weeks old when he was adopted in Kansas. Mark Shultz wrote a song called “Everything To Me” which is about what Mark would say to his birth mother if he ever met her. 

I would like to share with you that I was 4 when I was adopted from over seas. People often ask me “Are you angry with your birth mother about what she did to you?” The answer that I say is “no, instead I am thankful that she made the choice she did even though it might have been the hardest choice she ever made in her life. She knew in her heart that she was unable to take care of me so she gave me up for adoption.” She might not have watched me take my first steps or say “mommy or daddy”, but she did how gave me a second chance at life so that I could have a better life with a bright future. A Bible verse that means the most to me is Matthew 25:35 “For I was hungry, and you fed me, I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger and you invited me into your home.” The reason why I love this verse is because my adopted parents did this for me. I could not be anymore grateful  for what they have given me everything I needed or ever dreamed of. I was always told ” we love you and will always be here for you, you are safe, and we will take good care of you”. Just hearing those words made me feel like I was important and I knew that I was safe. If you are thinking about adopting please go to God in prayer and allow Him to guide you in the right direction in the process. All of God’s children are important in the world and always will be.
  My question for you is what does your adoption mean to you? If you are adopted please share your story and I will read with what you wrote. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. Hope you enjoyed what you read. 

About Me

Hello, my name is Heather. I was 4 when I was adopted from over seas. I graduated high school in 2015. Things I enjoy doing are spending time with family and friends, being outside, taking care of my pets, and writing. I will be leaving questions at the end of each blog so you will be able to answer the questions. Thank you for allowing me to share with you my opinions. Hope you enjoy reading the blogs I post!